LED Filament Bulbs                        

A19 - Classic Omnidirectional LED Bulb

Finally an LED Bulb that looks like a Bulb!  No reason to throw the baby out with the bath-water here, this shape and function were developed over 100 years ago. It's iconic.  You and your customers want this shape and Tamarac has it available in the most-popular outputs and CCT.

Dimming?  Of course.


Latest technology utilizes an IC to control power flow and communicate with old or new dimmers or dimmer systems.


Range?  From 100% down to a glow, just like your old incandescent bulbs.  (Remember that with LED you always want to start at full-power and dim down, not the other way around.)


Efficiency & Savings are built-in:

  • Over 100 lumens per watt

  • 90% more efficient than Incandescent

  • 50% more efficient than Compact Fluorescent

  • Less than 9 months ROI, under most circumstances!  That means it's FREE in less than 1 year of use!

CA11 - Flame Tip LED Candle Bulb

Finally there's an LED choice that complements chandeliers!  Too often the LED options have been too tall, ugly, and with poor omnidirectional capability.


These filament options look nice, work perfect, and are correctly sized to work well in chandeliers, wall sconces, and other decorative fixtures where the bulb is seen.


Fully dimmable as the A19 listed above and has the same Energy Savings in a much smaller base.  Your choice of clear or frosted lens in a 40W Incandescent Replacement.

C11 - Torpedo Shape Candelabra Style LED Bulb

Same performance as our Flame Tip, but with the contemporary look people prefer today.  The best choice for Sconces or any fixture where a slim profile is needed.

C11 - Medium Base Candelabra Style LED Bulb

Standard size base is used in most outdoor fixtures and wall sconces.  Add a decorative touch versus a standard round bulb.








LED Filament Globes

With 3 sizes to choose from, we have your Decorative Globe!

  • G16.5

  • G25

  • G40


Choose from 25W clear equivalent or 40W clear and frosted incandescent replacements and use a fraction of the power.  Choose either 2700K Warm White or 2200K Antique White.


Ideal for Commercial applications where ambiance and economy are both required.  These Globes will run for a minimum of 4 years burning 24/7/365.

Retro - Edison LED Bulbs

Very popular and now available in LED Filament, choose these LED bulbs for your next design project or to save money by replacing your old existing inefficient lamps.


These bulbs put out over 600 lumens and create the same warm light you'd expect from Carbon Filament--More light when you need it, but dimmable to the desired light level.


Two sizes to choose from, both available in 2700K and 2200K

LED Filament Tubes

Widely used in applicances and pendants, these bulbs are available in candle base or medium base depending on your application.


Ideal for hard to reach locations where changing lamps is difficult, or to add more light where incandescent is not available or too hot (such as a refrigerator).


These lamps can work in enclosed fixtures.



C7 - Small Torpedo Shape Candelabra LED Bulb

Perfect for night light, chandelier, step lighting, string lighting, and many more low wattage, low lumen applications.

These Tamarac lamps produce high quality warm, trouble and maintenance free light that will illuminate for years and years to come (25,000 rated life hours).  


Standard MR16 sizing with high brightness LED COB lights.

Use indoors for track lighting, recessed down lighting and more.

Use outdoors for landscape lighting, down light fixtures, or spotlights.