Energy Efficient Lighting is here, and LED is the standard whether in Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, or Government.

​​It used to be easy, as we've been using the same Lighting Products for years without many changes...And now LED Filament technology from Tamarac LED Lighting.


Until recently, LED bulbs have looked unconventional.  Primarily because of the use of older “flat SMD chip” and ugly heavy heat sink based LED technology that has limited a multitude of everyday lighting applications.


For nearly four years, Tamarac and our manufacturing engineers have been at the forefront in the creation and delivery of this highest quality, safest new and unique LED filament technology. Three years ago Tamarac earned the cULus listing (Canada and United States), our filament products meet all the stringent safety requirements under Canadian and US standards.  With a constant focus on safety and performance, early in 2016 Tamarac and our engineers incorporated the design and use of a *Non-toxic & Non-flammable, pliable "safety base ring" for all of our E12/candelabra based bulbs.  The purpose of each "base ring" is to create a clear "always snug" cover around the metal base to eliminate the possibility of the bulb coming into contact with the socket or fixture, which could result in bulb failure. 

This is not all.....As of February 2016, Tamarac products are now ENERGY STAR certified!




LED filament is cutting edge technology incorporating 28 tiny LED emitters to be arranged in series on a 38mm long and 1.5mm wide linear filament strip constructed of the highest quality transparent “Sapphire” substrate (chip on sapphire), then encased with yellow phosphor-impregnated silicone.  The LED's are powered using traditional glass insulated circuitry, allowing light generated to be emitted with 360 degree true and pure color characteristics that mimic traditional incandescent light, all while consuming 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs,  50% less energy than compact fluorescent (CFL).  Tamarac products have an extremely low failure rate (no hassle replacement policy), and a minimum 25,000 hour rated life which is 2 to 4 times longer than CFL, and 10 to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.  Tamarac products are also safe for the environment with No Mercury or Hazardous materials!








                * Chip on Sapphire - transparent "Sapphire" substrate vs. our competition who use low quality ceramic or bronze substrate that has very little or no transparency, is much less expensive, less efficient, with poorer light quality, and a significantly shorter rated life!


Tamarac filament bulbs surpass the competition by utilizing our unique all-glass body designs and micro encapsulated LED driver providing smooth dimming. (Lutron DIVA CL-153P works best)  Unlike most filament bulbs in the market today, our bulbs are rated IP65 suitable for "damp locations" and also rated for "fully enclosed" applications offering for the first time the ability to utilize LED technology in sealed decorative fixtures indoors or out!

With a myriad of options for control, beam emission, longevity, color temperature (CCT), lumens and candela it's important to have good people on your team.  ​Tamarac LED Lighting is your team, and we deliver high-quality, high-value products on-time and on-budget.  We offer a wide assortment of cutting-edge LED Filament options. Today, you can find Tamarac lamps all over the world as we have engineered and are providing customized LED filament bulb solutions specific to many corporate, entertainment, religious, construction, and franchise organizations.


We have been blessed with steady growth since inception four years ago, as we offer our products through a nationwide network of professional lighting representatives and distributors. If you are a retail customer looking to purchase our products, we can locate a distributor in your area who would be happy to help you, or if you are an independent/commercial wholesale distributor looking to add the finest LED filament products to your line of light bulbs, please feel free to contact us as we welcome the opportunities to discuss your lighting needs. 


​​All of Tamarac lamps are available in Warm White, 2700K 83+ CRI & many in even warmer 2200K 90+ CRI options.  Tamarac strives to provide the lighting ambiance many are looking for, particularly Home owners, Hotels, Restaurants, Country Clubs, Museums, and Churches to name a few.

We offer specialized project solutions with competitive pricing and large quantity discounts, no project too large or too small.

We appreciate and "thank you" for your interest in our company and our products.



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